Nationwide there are many rural farms and properties that produce food and fibre.   No matter what size or soil type or rainfall, no matter how far from market or town, no matter what the crop is, no matter who is operating that enterprise, there is one common denominator uniting these enterprises. They must all make a profit on a regular basis if they are to stay in business for the long term and for their owners are to live a happy and prosperous life

In many parts of the Australia, the only business opportunity is food and fibre production.  Reliable statistics show that number of people engaged in these activities continues to decline.  Interestingly the rural population decline is mirroring a decline in the health and capacity of the soil and our capacity to feed and to a lesser extent cloth ourselves.  We have hidden this reality through the use of technology and fossil fuel.

The fact is that we must overcome the decline of the natural processes that support us, if we collectively wish to enjoy a high quality of life and harmonious relationships.  For this to happen we need to change the way we manage and make decisions.  An ever-growing quantity of man made products will not arrest this down ward spiral and to a large degree dependence on every more complicated technology will not truly help, only permanent changes in human behaviour and decision making will do this.

At Landlife Education, we work hand in hand farmers to lower production costs, increase profitability and to grow the health and capacity of the natural assets ( the free stuff ) that mother nature has proved.  We show how people, technology, money and the natural world work together to create success.