Up to the mid 20th Century, most people the world over consumed food which was grown with in a 100-km radius of where they lived.  And from all accounts they lived a reasonably well.  Fast forward to the 21st Century and this is no longer the case.  Thanks to advancements in technology, we now regularly consume food that is not local.  In fact, our food, on average today as travelled thousands of kilometres before it is on our dinner plates.

One of the major trends in the Australia and the western world, is this desire of consumers to know when their food is coming from and to know the person who is producing it.   One could argue that people are so concerned about their personal health that they are genuinely wishing to engage with the people that feed them.

The growing demand for local, clean, healthy, nutritious food is creating numerous business possibilities by the day.   These changing consumer trends are creating business opportunities for small and micro farmers and the possibilities of both full time and part time jobs. Local food production provides a sure and honest answer to the problems of food security, food miles, cost of production, declining soil health and the decline in food nutrition.  And importantly for the health of the local community, food that is produced and consumed locally keeps money and jobs local.

At Landlife Education we help small scale food producers create a business plan that qualifies what they wish to achieve today, tomorrow and in the future.  We work together to create a specific individual plan for them to begin working towards.  And we help you to create ownership and make positive lasting change to your life and business