Landlife Education specialises in customised training and coaching for food producers, family farming operations and land management businesses and rural based enterprises. We adopt a whole of business approach to the activities and management of the enterprise and the people in it.

Australian Women Farmers Program

Women Farmers

This internationally recognised program educates and empowers agricultural women to improve an existing business or create a successful new businesses.


Five months of coaching to make a lasting difference.

By applying Holistic Management principles and practices. This course has been designed to help you make a lasting difference to your life and land. Through regular workshop sessions and at home tasks you will learn, practice and implement the skills you need for your success.


Location:  Cooroy
Dates: The workshops will run on a Saturday and Sunday for the following dates:

  • Session One: 9 & 10 September
  • Session Two: 7 & 8 October
  • Session Three: 4 & 5 November
  • Session Four: 2 & 3 December
  • Session Five: 13 & 14 January 2018

Each day begins at 8:30am and will finish approximately 5:00pm.

Lunch and morning and afternoon tea are provided as part of the program.

Breakfast and Dinner are the responsibility of participants.

Please contact the program facilitators regarding individual dietary requirements.

COST: $3,300.00    + 0.30 TryBooking fee

What outcomes to expect from this program:

  • A clear direction for your future
  • Increase your profits each year
  • Better family communication
  • More time for family and friends
  • Create a future for more than one generation
  • Improve or create a community
  • Increase habitat for wildlife
  • Reduce and eliminate input costs
  • Capturing and storing all of the rain fall
  • Add more carbon to your soil
  • Building and improving your soils
  • Less erosion and flooding
  • Less weeds and problem animals
  • Greater diversity of desirable plants

Megan Christie shares a story of the financial return on investment she created from managing her business holistically.

For more details about this program, please contact:

Jason Virtue  Mobile: 0427 199 766  or email
Anna Henbury  Mobile: 0408 775 377 or email

See below for an overview of what will be covered in each of the sessions:

Session One:   8,9 & 10 September

Sept 8: Evening only from approximately 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Welcome BBQ and Introductions and outline of Program.

  • Introduction to and history of Holistic Management and its success
  • How humans think and change – the power of paradigms
  • Ecosystem function – how nature functions holistically
  • Using livestock as a tool for improving the environment
  • Diagnosing the Root Cause of problems
  • Personality traits – what moves and motivates you
Session Two:   7 & 8 October

  • Introduction to the Holistic Management Decision Making Framework
  • The change process – How people change
  • Holistic Context – The whole that you are managing.
  • Conventional Decision Making
  • Holistic Decision Making
  • Testing your decisions How and Why to check before acting

Session Three:   4 & 5 November

  • Introduction to Holistic Financial Planning
  • A generic small business financial plan example
  • Understanding where my money comes from and goes to
  • Creating a plan for my business
  • I can create a net cash profit each year regardless of the season or markets ?
  • Create a marketing plan specifically for me
  • Farm visit

Session Four:   2 & 3 December

  • An introduction to Grazing Planning
  • The principals of Holistic Planned Grazing
  • Measuring forage and Animal days
  • Grazing Planning Guidelines
  • Grazing strategies for drought, climate change, crops and wildlife
  • Financial planning continued
  • Marketing planning continued
  • Farm visit

Session Five:   13 & 14 January 2018

  • Biological planning for the land you are managing
  • Holistic land planning – Creating a resource base for your future.
  • Grazing Planning for the season ahead.
  • Your next steps. Where to from here?
  • Farm visit



Cudgerie Homestead ( Apporx 7 km west of Cooroy, Sunshine Coast )
Address: 42 Cudgerie Dr,
Cooroy QLD 4563
Phone:(07) 5442 6681


The venue for this program is Cudgerie Homestead, just west of Cooroy.

Cudgerie Homestead (venue for the program as well as accommodation)
Address: 42 Cudgerie Drive
Cooroy QLD 4563
Phone: (07) 5442 6681


Below is a list of local Bed and Breakfast establishments that are near the program location.

Cooroy Luxury Motel Apartments Noosa
Address: Pearl St,
Cooroy QLD 4563
Phone: (07) 5442 6123

Cooroy Country Cottages
Address: 532 Black Mountain Rd,
Black Mountain QLD 4563
Phone: (07) 5442 6819

Noosa Avalon Farm Cottages
Address: 292 Pomona Kin Kin Rd,
Pomona QLD 4568
Phone: 0419 719 941

Inn the Foothills Bed and Breakfast
Address: 139 Pomona Connection Rd,
Pomona QLD 4568
Phone:(07) 5485 1028

Wait Awhile B & B
Address: 39 Lake Ridge Ct,
Cooroy QLD 4563
Phone: (07) 5472 0038

Eumundi Guesthouse & B & B
Address: 114-118 Eumundi Range Rd,
Eumundi QLD 4562
Phone: (07) 5442 8120