Landlife Education specialises in customised training and coaching for food producers, family farming operations and land management businesses and rural based enterprises. We adopt a whole of business approach to the activities and management of the enterprise and the people in it.

Introduction to Holistic Management Workshop – Pomona

Introduction to Holistic Management Workshops – Pomona

For farmers, graziers, land managers and rural based businesses … in fact anyone who makes decisions.

DATES: 9 & 10 December 2017

LOCATION: “Lawson Shed” – Pomona Community House, 1 Memorial Avenue, Pomona

What outcomes to expect from this program:

  • Increase your profits each year
  • Increase habitat for wildlife
  • Reduce and eliminate input costs
  • More time for family and community
  • Capturing and storing of the rainfall
  • Add more carbon to your soil
  • A clear direction for your future
  • Building and improving your soils
  • Better family communication
  • Less erosion and flooding
  • Less weeds and problem animals
  • Greater diversity of desirable plants
  • Create a future for more than one generation
  • Improve or create a community

COST: $400 p.p or $700 per couple & additional family $300 each

+30c TryBooking fee



Landlife Education Pomona 9 and 10 December 2017