Jason Virtue

Training Director

Jason is accredited internationally with both Holistic Management International and The Savory Institute as a Holistic Management Certified Educator.
Since 2005 Jason has trained and coached many family farming enterprises in Australia and has co-trained with other educators in both Australia and the USA.

Jason has over 20 years experience as a land manager and beef cattle producer, much of which gained from operating a small family owned beef cattle and native flower growing enterprise south of Gympie in South East Queensland, Australia.

In this enterprise he carried out breeding, finishing and direct to consumer marketing. Jason and wife Kym were awarded the 2005 Cooloola Environment award for sustainable beef production.

In 1996 Jason was at a field day where a pasture consultant suggested that a lactating beef cow requires the equivalent of a 6 x 4 box trailer of green feeds a day. In his own words:- ” Upon arriving home I had a look at the state of my pastures through the lens of what the animal requires,  I thought to my self,  ” Well they sure arn’t getting that much grass any where on this farm “.  I knew that the key was finding out how to grow more grass. So the  research and the asking of questions began”.

This was about the time that the work of Alan Savory and Holistic Management was being promoted in Australia. Jason began using these management methods on his own farm and over the next few years the farming business changed dramatically.

Here are some of the results:
  • Chemical usage reduced by over 95%.
  • We eliminated 99% of the bare soil on our land.
  • Required management time fell to much less than 10 hrs a week.
  • The carrying capacity of our farm rose by better than 50%.
  • The requirement of livestock supplements ceased completely .
  • Our calving percentage went from under 75% to over 95%.
  • We consistently reduced our direct costs.
  • We had much less stress.
  • We have consistently created a cash profit each year since 1998.

After learning about Holistic Management and experiencing the benefits first hand, Jason commenced study as a Holistic Management Educator in 2003 and graduated in 2005. Since then he has been helping farmers and land managers create healthy land, happy families and profitable businesses and he welcomes the opportunity to help as many people as possible to improvetheir circumstances.

Jason helps people learn how, when, where and why to place livestock in their landscape. He helps families crate a environment of open, two way, collaborative communication and a high quality of life, to create a land resource that is consistently improving and create a business that produces a cash profit each and every year.

When not working, Jason enjoys time helping Kym in the garden.


Kym Virtue

Finance Director

Kym currently works as an Accounts Manager with a local law firm in Gympie and has been for the past four years.

Prior to this and for the majority of her working life, Kym has been employed in the legal industry mainly working as both conveyancing clerk and secretary as well as providing assistance to the financial department.

In addition Kym has supporting my husband Jason in running their beef cattle enterprise and their training and education business.

Kym has been active member of the Maryborough Lions Ladies Club as well as the Maryborough and Gympie Jaycees Clubs where she also performed duties in the role as Secretary.

When not working Kym enjoys swimming, gardening and baking.