Are you seeking a clear direction for your future?

Having worked with many farmers, food producers and small business people over many years, the one thing I constantly see, is that everyone wants clarity about what their future will be. No matter what industry, no matter what age, no matter where they live, people desire a clear picture of where they are heading.

It is easy as an outsider to sit at a kitchen table and discuss with people where they are now and where they wish to be. Building the dream and creating a context for their future is straight forward. The tricky bit is creating lasting behaviour change within people that keeps them motivated and on the path to the life that they truly wish to have.

When I work with people who are motivated to make lasting change, it can still be a struggle. However, when people manage their lives and businesses holistically, big change occurs really quickly. This is because together, we have broken down the big change into many small, manageable, digestible actions. The fear of big change vanishes. The old joke about how do you eat an elephant, comes to mind. The answer, quite simply, is one mouthful at a time.

To help people create a clear direction for their future, I simply do the following. Firstly, I help people clarify what it is they are managing and list all the resources they have to support their whole enterprise. Next, I make sure there is consensus between all the people involved. Then together, we create in both pictures and words a vista or vision of how their life a must be now and in the future. Next, we ask the people to map out what they must produce and how they have to behave to make this happen. Lastly, I show them how to test decisions and plans to determine if their activities and actions will take them closer to or away from the life they truly wish to have.

The biggest challenge in helping people make permanent lasting change, is the loss of motivation from small failures and the reverting to old behaviours that do not create a different, better, future. Managing holistically is simple. The hard part is choosing what you truly want and then, relentlessly pursuing that dream every day.

At Landlife Education, we are committed to all people get the best return possible out of their resource base, while enjoying life, running a profitable business and being part of a growing, vibrant community. If you would like to chat about any aspect of your business, please contact me for a private, confidential and obligation free discussion. Email :- or phone 0427 199 766.