At Landlife Education, we realise that life on the land can be challenging.

Some of the obstacles to every day survival include:

Recovery from extreme weather events.

Financial insecurity.

Declining trade conditions.

Lack of suitable and willing staff.

Reduction in Government Services.

Social alienation and failing communities.

Increasing gap between urban and rural awareness.

Biodiversity loss and Land degeneration.

Landlife Education specialises in customised training and coaching for food producers, family farming operations and land management enterprises.

We adopt a whole of business approach to the activities and management of the enterprise and the people in it. Jason Virtue is a Holistic Management® Certified Educator registered with both Holistic Management International and The Savory Institute. He has many years of personal and professional experience in family based agriculture, niche marketing and business development.
He has practical experience using Holistic Management in his own farming and marketing businesses and family lifestyle.

Environmental Literacy.

Holistic Context formation.

Family and Business planning.

Holistic Financial Planning.

Holistic Land Planning and Biological Monitoring.

Ultra High Density Holistic Planned Grazing.

Private, one on one coaching for family farmers and small businesses.

The reality of modern life for a lot of people is that they feel time poor. Our one on one education and coaching service is specifically focused on working with farmers and business people on their business, in their home. This allows us to focus on your business with your figures. We work as a team to achieve a shared, sustainable and profitable result.

Ours is a hands-on, client centered approach. We customize our program to suit your requirements and to address your specific needs and concerns.

We help you develop and refine practical solutions for your circumstance, that will realise immediate benefits. Because of the diversity of each and every family farm operation, we customize our services to fulfil your needs.

Training for non-profit organisations, community groups, and government agencies.

With our hands-on, client centered approach you will experience practical solutions and realise immediate benefits from our services. The services and programs we offer are adapted or customized to address your specific needs and concerns.

Group training workshops for farmers, land managers and rural based businesses.

Our training courses and workshops focus on bringing out the best in you. We use a practical, genuine approach to training. People are able to put what they learn into immediate use.

Our group sessions are for like minded people who share experience in their industry and understand each other’s point of view. The classroom situation provides a comfortable and safe learning environment where you learn as a group.

We encourage and practice group discussion of the knowledge being shared and how it may work for your situation when you go home. As with the one on one training the practical solutions are immediately available for you to bring about immediate change.

Biological land surveying and monitoring.

There is so much complexity in nature that it is impossible to manage any one part of your landscape in isolation. The condition of the soil surface it the key to having a healthy and profitable food production enterprise.

There are simple way that we can see and record what is going on at the soil surface on your land. Once you can see what is going on at the soil surface, we can show you how to create the change that will improve your soil and your business.

Farm Management Club facilitation and coaching.

One of the best ways for people is to learn is by working together. The Farm Management Club model that we offer is designed to help farmers and land managers work together, in small groups, as a management team.

There is a huge amount of collective knowledge out there. You are the expert on your farm and your enterprise. Would you be willing to work together with others in the industry, in the same situation at you to go and grow your business and theirs ?? This is the possibility that the Farm Management Club offers.

We assist you in identifying and using sustainable solutions by:

Creating an Holistic Context for you that is unique to you and your circumstances, regardless of what you do or what your business is. This context spells out how you life has to be, today, tomorrow, next week, next year and far off into the future. Within this context, we help you identify what you have to produce so you can consistently achieve the quality of life that you have said that you require. Then we help you to identify what your resources have to look and be so you can keep on producing what you have to produce.

Once you have created your Holistic Context, we show you how you can test all of your actions and decisions, so that you always remain on track.

The feedback loop will keep you on track. The feedback loop is a continuous process that helps you create and maintain focus and provides a structure for testing decisions, planning, taking action, monitoring, evaluation, and applying learning. The feed back loop is a twenty four letter word, “Plan-Monitor-Control-Replan”.

The Holistic Context and the feed back loop enables all people in all situations, community, business, or family situations, to understand how to manage human, natural, and economic resources all at the same time. Managing holistically enables decision-makers to respond to change quickly and positively.


Our training is highly interactive and designed to address your situation. At Landlife Education we will:

Provide state of the art learning programs & opportunities.

Customize training to fit your needs.

Create an atmosphere that supports your learning process.

Provide guidance as you apply what you learn.

Help you realise immediate results.

Work with you to develop a plan specific for you and your circumstance