Making smarter decisions

The sheer bounty of the earth has allowed humans the luxury of making large and costly mistakes many times over in the pursuit of goals and objectives. 

And considering the state of the natural world that support all human endeavours, this luxury is fast disappearing.
The business of farming, and it is a business, does not seem to be any easier today than it was for previous generations of farmers and land managers. In fact, most anyone you talk to will freely suggest farming today is more challenging than ever before. Sure, the sums of money are considerable bigger today than 30 years ago, but the sad fact is that, the bottom line, cash profit is as elusive as ever.

With the plethora of technology available to most everyone earth today, one must wonder how come life and business is no better today than say 30 years ago. The only way to turn around this is by changing the way we make decisions.

The key to achieving success in any field of activity is to know what you wish to achieve. Once this happens you can make the decisions need to achieve this. To make the right decisions you need to have a decision making frame work that gives you advance warning of the outcomes of the proposed action and any potential deviation from the plans you have made.

The Holistic Management Decision Making framework is an internationally recognised, tried and true process that keep you on track. No matter where you live or what you do, your level of education or experience or skill, no matter what the decision is, no matter what the business is, no matter what the activity. Correct decision making is the key that opens the door to success.

At Landlife Education, we coach and mentor people in a decision making process that considers what is most important to them. It is this self-focus that is the catalyst for amazing change, with in themselves, in their business and in their community.